Why a Limo with a Chauffer is So Much Better Than a Cab for My Job

Nothing beats a limo ride through city traffic. Much better than a cab in my opinion. I have been in cabs where the drivers scare me out of my wits. I prefer a professional chauffeur that is behind the wheel of a limo. It does not have to be one of those stretch models when I am in town on business. I am perfectly happy riding in the back seat of a sedan or SUV. I do work on my computer, make and take calls and get a lot done that I could never get comfortable doing in a cab.

I can leave my stuff in the limo and go to my meetings. The car and driver is waiting for me when I get out. I always arrange for them to take breaks, do lunch, dinner or whatever while I am in meetings. I expense it to the companies I am consulting with. Some guys that do what I do actually rent cars to drive to the businesses and factories. I commend them on their fortitude. However, I computed the amount of money per hour it costs me to drive myself, and I come out ahead using a limo.

I get to sleep earlier because all of my work is done. No late nights playing catch up in hotel rooms. Plus, I can go see some of the things the other guys never see. That puts me more in touch with the local feel, and that puts me closer to my clients. I can make the small talk they are expecting because I actually get to know the areas. Yes, choosing a limo driven by a chauffeur is the best choice I made for my business while on the road in different cities where I am doing work. I will never take a cab again.