Using Our Commitment to Our Dogs to Motivate People in My Community to Lose Weight

We live in a big neighborhood that has a lot of neighbors who all know one another. We are also getting fatter with sedentary living, and a whole bunch of us have dogs. You cannot really go outside during the day or night and not come across someone who is taking their dogs out to go to the bathroom. You would think that with all the dog walking that we would all be fit. Well, we are not. I started a club to get us doing better by starting with pet weight loss. I looked up animal weighing scales to get a nice one that would fit in our garage, and I started a social media page for our neighborhood.

Anyone who was struggling with their weight or had a pet that was getting chubby could join our group by committing to trying to eat better and get more exercise. This included cutting back on the doggy snacks no matter how much they whined or complained. The dogs that is. If you have a dog , you know how they can tug at your heartstrings to get you to give them extra food several times per day. They are sneaky and manipulative that way, and very good at it too. The animal weighing scales I found were perfect for weighing dogs of all sizes.

We kept a log of all participants and the amount of pounds we were all losing. We had weekly weigh-ins at our house, and it was fun. Since we were all on calorie restrictions, I did not even have to serve snacks! However, I did provide plenty of bottled water and no-calorie beverages. Sometimes we would walk as one large group around the park in the center of town. The chatting and camaraderie helped motivate us to keep with the group’s goal of both us and our pets losing weight. The animal weighing scales worked on people too, and they kept us honest.