Using a Party Bus for Wedding Day Transportation

When I got married, I really did not care a whole lot about the wedding details. I know some people will think I am a jerk for that, but I’m a guy. I was marrying my best friend, and we were inviting all of our friends and family to join in the fun with us. I didn’t care what color the flowers were, how big the cake was, or if we had balloons or not. My fiance and her friends took care of that, happily enough. I did look at though because I wanted to take care of our transportation.

My fiance didn’t mind taking care of all the arrangements but a few, like how we were going to get from the church to the reception hall. To her, that was the guy logistics anyway, just like the flowers and decorations were her forte. I knew that I wanted all of us to be together. Altogether, our wedding party had 14 people in it, plus there were four ushers, and all of their partners. There were 26 of us that I wanted to ride together, which meant we had to get a party bus.

I had never been on one, but I have seen pictures of others on social media who had, and it just looked like so much fun. It would take the responsibility of driving away from all of us, letting us just focus on how special the day is. I arranged for the bus to take my fiance and her bridal party to the church, and then after the ceremony it took us all to the reception site. We took our time getting there, just celebrating with champagne, listening to music, dreaming of the future, and basking in such a special day. It truly was one detail that I managed perfectly.