Thinking About a Big Night out

My buddy Jack is about to leave the country for around half of a year and we have decided that we need to have a big going away party before he leaves for Southern California. We have been looking for information on the cost of a party bus. I have been on one before, back when one of my buddies from college got married and we had a bachelor party for him. I could not really go in to details on all of the stuff that went on that night, but we went back and forth from club to club and then to this big house that we rented for the weekend on Lake Ontario. There were more than forty guys and a few girls as well on that bus. Of course you can get any size limo that you desire, from what is basically just a nice four door sedan to big stretch limos and then to vans and buses. The biggest limos will hold a couple of dozen people or near it, although these are pretty close to the same size as a bus. The party bus starts out at a size that holds around forty passengers and goes up to ones that hold about fifty five. I am thinking that we need to get something that is right in the middle of that size. We will need to get everyone who is able to kick in some money. Of course if you have the cost of this split up four dozen ways, then it is not going to be all that expensive. That is the only way that it works for any of us. In fact we think that at the end it is going to be less expensive than it would be for each of us to go out on the town.