The Best Security for My Daughter

When our daughter was born, my wife and I instantly fell in love with her. It seems just like yesterday, but somehow nearly 21 years have passed since that day that changed our lives. She graduated from college last month, and she was ready to set the world on fire. She already had a great job lined up, and she picked out a small cottage about five minutes from her work to rent. I checked everything out there and gave my okay on everything but one thing. I would feel much better if she had an ADT security system installed, so I talked with her landlord about that.

I had no problem with paying for the equipment, installation and monitoring service fees. I just wanted to make sure he was okay with this. If not, it would have been a deal breaker. Thankfully, he saw no problem and even said he would arrange for the installation. I had already done some research and knew that the basic installation along with the equipment was going to be free, but I wanted her to have every door and window outfitted with the equipment. He had no problem taking care of that though, as long as we handled the monthly monitoring fees.

Those were very low in cost as well. They have a multitude of plans, and we chose the one that would give her the best coverage. She is able to control a good bit of the system right through her smartphone this way, which makes it extremely convenient for her. Knowing that she was going to have the best security equipment installed was the final factor, and she signed the papers the day after it was put in. She told me not long ago that she is really glad I was firm about that. There’s no way I would not have been. She’s my little girl, after all, no matter how old she gets.