New Shingles Made the Whole Outside of the House Look New

An old roof makes your whole house look ugly. We had worn shingles with years of grime from the railroad cars carrying coal that were nearby. We also had algae growing on the porch roof shingles that was unsightly. The algae does not really damage the shingles in a way to make them leak, but it sure looks bad. Even after cleaning there was a gray residue that could be seen. The only way to rid a home of it is to cut back the offending trees that are shading the roof and call a roofing company in NYC to put on new shingles.

The old way roofs were redone was tedious and messy. I remember dad picking up nails for weeks after the roof on our house I grew up in had the roof redone. Now these roofing teams are slick. They have an old roof off and replaced before it even gets hot out. They put up tarps and have everything hauled away before the end of the workday. For them that is before noon in the summer! No use in trying to work on a residential roof after the midday sun is shining brightly n July. They start and finish early in the day. I am amazed at how clean and quick the roof replacement went.

We have a big roof and one big front porch roof. They had all of the shingles stripped and new felt underlayment down before nine in the morning. The porch roof and one side of the house was completely done before 11 in the morning. They came back and did the other side the next morning. The team works fast and like a well-oiled machine. They are quiet and do not mess up anything. All of our plants were protected, and I could not find a bit of shingles or any nails after they left.