My Daughter is Doing Better in Physics

My daughter was not doing bad in her physics class, but she was not in the top tier of students either. While I would never put pressure on my daughter to learn something that she is not interested in, this was something she wanted to grasp better herself. Her interest was definitely there, but she was struggling in some areas. The teacher is already spread thin by helping so many students at one time, so I decided to look into some type of tutoring program for her. When I came across, I felt for certain that I had found the place where she would be able to start making the necessary connections.

I did talk with her physics teacher before contacting the tutoring company, and he told me that it was the best choice possible for my daughter. When a tutor gets that kind of approval from a teacher, then it really helps in being confident that I was making the right choice for my daughter. I had looked over the website for the tutoring company in depth to make sure we knew what we were getting into, and my daughter and I both agreed that we wanted her to try it out.

When she came home from her first session, she was all smiles. She could not tell me enough good things about her instructor or the way he handled the small class. I was so excited that she was that happy, and that she had learned quite a bit just from that first session. That is not to take anything away from her physics teacher, because he does an amazing job. She just needed some personalized help to understand some things, and she is now caught back up with the rest of the class. This was a winning situation for all involved!