I Slipped and Fell Down a Mountain

I was having a really good time. We went up in the mountains last weekend. The weather was perfect at first and we had a really nice long hike. We were almost back to the place where we had parked the truck when the skies opened up and it rained mightily. We were on the way down a steep slope and there was not any cover, so we wanted to get down where there was less chance of being struck by lightning. At any rate I had to go see a chiropractor in Cumming GA after I slipped and went tumbling down that slope. I was a real mess when I got to the bottom. Jack was not going to let me in the cab of his truck because I was covered with mud. Of course the truth was that he and the girls were not a lot better, they had mud all over them from the trip down that slope.

I was not thinking that I was seriously hurt to start with, although I had a bunch of bruises and cuts and a big knot on the side of my head. However it was not very long until I realized that my back was starting to stiffen up. This was not really a surprise, since I have had these sorts of issues ever since I got out of high school. They probably started out from playing football, but now just about anything can exacerbate them and the only remedy is to have a chiropractor make an adjustment. There is almost nothing of use that a doctor can do. They can give you pain pills, but that does not solve anything. It just covers up the problem for a little while and if you are not lucky they give you another problem to boot.