I Am Looking for a Place in Keswick

I just now started my new job in Ontario, the only problem with it is that is on the wrong side of the metro area for me to commute there. In fact it would be a huge ordeal for me to cross the entire area every morning and every evening, so I started to look for an apartment and a new roommate. Temporarily I have moved my stuff to a Newmarket storage unit. I talked to people in the office and asked if any of them needed a roommate. Surprising this really good looking girl said she did, she lives at this place I liked in Keswick , but of course it it is not like she was interested in me. She is not interested in men at all, when she took me to see the place there was another girl there and it was pretty obvious that they were in a relationship. The room they showed me already furnished, but they said the girl who owned the stuff was going to come back for it when she found someone to help her move her stuff. Since I needed a place quickly I offered to help if it made sense.

Of course I have a pick up truck, although I only use it occasionally since I do not think that it is going to last much longer and it will not be worth fixing when it gives up the next time. The thing has three hundred thousand miles on it. I can borrow a landscaper trailer from a friend of mine too. At any rate I managed to move all of her stuff in one trip, or at least all of the stuff that she could not get in her car. I got a friend of mine’s brother to help me. When we moved her stuff I went and got my stuff, although it took until about one in the morning.