Getting Our Website Operating at Peak Efficiency Around the Clock

We run a major website that is now the majority of our retail business. Over the years we have closed many brick and mortar stores as customers became more comfortable ordering our products online. One thing that helped promote the transition was our ultra-fast processing and shipping of orders. A company that does software development in Chester helped us in the design of the front and back ends of the software that runs our website. We used to have trouble on heavy traffic days, but the same company that does our software development also handles our DevOps to make sure the servers are handling all the customer traffic.

There is so much integrated when you are a customer looking at a product on a website and placing an order. First, the inventory needs to be accessed to make sure the product in the style, color and size that you want it in is available. Then it has to be handed off immediately and automatically to our fulfillment division. Along with that, the inventory needs to drop by the number you ordered, and this needs to trigger another software that will process automated reorders depending on the product and the time of year. For example, if we are running out of swimsuits in October, it might not be wise to replenish inventory. However, if it is May and we are running low, then it makes sense to reorder. All of this needs to be as automated as possible to free up managers and employees to do tasks only they can do. This saves time and money.

Our website is monitored by the DevOps of the same company that does our software development in Chester. They make sure that the servers can scale up to handle the heavy traffic loads during the holiday ordering times, and they make sure that there are no issues cropping up that can cause loss of sales. Our profits are up as our sales are up due to the automation and monitoring this company provides us.