Everyone is Happy the House is Clean

When my mom went back to work full time, my dad was not sure how that was going to make him feel. He works from home, and he was just so used to having her there with him. She would often grow bored though, which is why she decided to get back to doing what she loved to do before she had us kids. We have all moved out though, so she only had Dad to take care of. Now that she is back working, she has regular cleaning services in Singapore to pick up the slack since she is not home as much.

My dad was really resistant to that idea at first, but that was just until my mom told him if he didn’t want a cleaning service, then he was going to have to help out a lot more. It is not that my dad does not do a lot already, but he is not really one for helping to dust or vacuum the floors. When she gave him that ultimatum, he then welcomed in any kind of cleaner that my mom wanted. It was actually quite funny to see him reverse his stand so quickly on the cleaning issue.

She asked him if he would look at some cleaning companies, which he did. It did not take him long to decide he wanted Kleepers to be the one to come out. They have cleaners who will come out at any interval that you want, from a one time cleaning if that is all you need to someone who would come out every day if that was needed. For my parents, they just needed once every week or so, and the person who cleans for them does a fantastic job. My mom is happier, my dad is happier, and the house is clean!