Do Not Settle when It Comes to an Auto Accident Claim with Your Insurance Company

If there is an auto accident with two average cars that are totaled, the cost for the vehicles could easily get upwards of 75 grand or a lot more. Some pickup trucks are over $60,000! Now add to that the cost of putting the injured people’s lives back together, and you can see why insurance companies are not too forthcoming when it comes to just giving you a blank check for costs. You need to remember that insurance is a for-profit business. They are not charitable friends. That’s why my cousin called an auto accident injury attorney in Sacramento when he was hurt.

The doctors said he would be off work for at least a year if he ever would go back. He could not walk, but the doctors said that he probably would walk again. They did warn him that he would likely never be as good as he was before the accident. He had several surgeries ahead him, and he had some disfigurement. It was not severe, but he did not have it before the accident. How do you set a dollar amount on someone’s face? I heard that insurance companies have algorithms for that. I imagine they do. Everything eventually comes down to a dollar amount.

I understand the reason they go to court. If they did not do that, then they probably would go bankrupt in short order, or their premiums would be so costly they would be unaffordable. Do not misunderstand. When you are going after your insurance company for a settlement, you are not going after your local agent. You are pursuing a big company for the maximum they will pay under your policy. Do not get sentimental and settle for a low amount. This is why you need a third-party on your side. This is why you need an attorney.