Beautiful Wedding Gifts and Nature

When I first met my girlfriend, I wasn’t really focused on nature. In fact, before my girlfriend even became my girlfriend, she wouldn’t even look my way because of this. Eventually we grew closer my girlfriend’s view of me changed. Instead of being hard on me for not being nature conscious, she used a more gentle hand to persuade me. Now I recycle everything and do my best to preserve nature. That’s why I wanted all of the guests at our wedding to have plant a tree wedding favors, as a symbol of love for my new wife and our love for nature.

My wife and I wanted everyone to plant the trees and spread the gift of nature with everyone in their lives. Once the trees have grown enough, they will be able to spread their seeds around the world and more people will be able to enjoy their beauty. Hopefully all of the trees will actually grow to that stage. I’ve tried to grow some trees in the past, but I couldn’t keep them alive long enough for them to spread their seeds. Many of them were fruit trees like apples and peaches. I even tried a persimmon tree, which can withstand a lot, but it couldn’t withstand me.

One of the guests from our wedding wanted to give a similar gift to their guests. They had the idea of giving out seed cards that could grow into flowers. The cards can be printed with any special design or text, so the guests wanted to have a giant heart on the cards. My wife and I thought it was a lovely gesture to pass on to the guests, but we also suggested giving away trees along with it. A good tree with some flowers growing around it is a pretty sight.