Using a Party Bus for Wedding Day Transportation

When I got married, I really did not care a whole lot about the wedding details. I know some people will think I am a jerk for that, but I’m a guy. I was marrying my best friend, and we were inviting all of our friends and family to join in the fun with us. I didn’t care what color the flowers were, how big the cake was, or if we had balloons or not. My fiance and her friends took care of that, happily enough. I did look at though because I wanted to take care of our transportation.

My fiance didn’t mind taking care of all the arrangements but a few, like how we were going to get from the church to the reception hall. To her, that was the guy logistics anyway, just like the flowers and decorations were her forte. I knew that I wanted all of us to be together. Continue reading Using a Party Bus for Wedding Day Transportation

New Shingles Made the Whole Outside of the House Look New

An old roof makes your whole house look ugly. We had worn shingles with years of grime from the railroad cars carrying coal that were nearby. We also had algae growing on the porch roof shingles that was unsightly. The algae does not really damage the shingles in a way to make them leak, but it sure looks bad. Even after cleaning there was a gray residue that could be seen. The only way to rid a home of it is to cut back the offending trees that are shading the roof and call a roofing company in NYC to put on new shingles.

The old way roofs were redone was tedious and messy. Continue reading New Shingles Made the Whole Outside of the House Look New

Do Not Settle when It Comes to an Auto Accident Claim with Your Insurance Company

If there is an auto accident with two average cars that are totaled, the cost for the vehicles could easily get upwards of 75 grand or a lot more. Some pickup trucks are over $60,000! Now add to that the cost of putting the injured people’s lives back together, and you can see why insurance companies are not too forthcoming when it comes to just giving you a blank check for costs. You need to remember that insurance is a for-profit business. They are not charitable friends. That’s why my cousin called an auto accident injury attorney in Sacramento when he was hurt.

The doctors said he would be off work for at least a year if he ever would go back. Continue reading Do Not Settle when It Comes to an Auto Accident Claim with Your Insurance Company

Thinking About a Big Night out

My buddy Jack is about to leave the country for around half of a year and we have decided that we need to have a big going away party before he leaves for Southern California. We have been looking for information on the cost of a party bus. I have been on one before, back when one of my buddies from college got married and we had a bachelor party for him. I could not really go in to details on all of the stuff that went on that night, but we went back and forth from club to club and then to this big house that we rented for the weekend on Lake Ontario. Continue reading Thinking About a Big Night out

Why a Limo with a Chauffer is So Much Better Than a Cab for My Job

Nothing beats a limo ride through city traffic. Much better than a cab in my opinion. I have been in cabs where the drivers scare me out of my wits. I prefer a professional chauffeur that is behind the wheel of a limo. It does not have to be one of those stretch models when I am in town on business. I am perfectly happy riding in the back seat of a sedan or SUV. I do work on my computer, make and take calls and get a lot done that I could never get comfortable doing in a cab.

I can leave my stuff in the limo and go to my meetings. The car and driver is waiting for me when I get out. Continue reading Why a Limo with a Chauffer is So Much Better Than a Cab for My Job

Best Prices for Security SYstems

I have been reading the news recently and I have reached a breaking point. I think that the world is not very safe and I do not want to be caught up in the violence that happens around the world on a daily basis. That is why I have made up my mind to get a home security system, and I want to get it from ADT. I don’t know why but I just think that I will have more faith in a security system by ADT than I would from any other company, just because they have a long history of making security systems.

Anyway, I have been living in this house too long without a security system. Continue reading Best Prices for Security SYstems

The Best Security for My Daughter

When our daughter was born, my wife and I instantly fell in love with her. It seems just like yesterday, but somehow nearly 21 years have passed since that day that changed our lives. She graduated from college last month, and she was ready to set the world on fire. She already had a great job lined up, and she picked out a small cottage about five minutes from her work to rent. I checked everything out there and gave my okay on everything but one thing. I would feel much better if she had an ADT security system installed, so I talked with her landlord about that.

I had no problem with paying for the equipment, installation and monitoring service fees. I just wanted to make sure he was okay with this. If not, it would have been a deal breaker. Thankfully, he saw no problem and even said he would arrange for the installation. Continue reading The Best Security for My Daughter

The Life and Works of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso might be one of the most influential artists of the 1800s. Born in Spain, Picasso was noted to be a child protegy, and his talents were recognized early on. Picasso was a rebel, and could often be found frequenting the intellectual cafes of Paris as a young teenager. His lifestyle certainly influenced his art, and it is a large part of the reason that he is still recognized as a renowned artist today.

Picasso began his entry into the artwork as a young child, and some of his earliest work includes two self portraits, “Child With A Dove” and “The Absinthe Drinker”. In his earliest years, he often expressed feeling confined by the medium for his art and the limited potential a traditional mode of artistry allowed him. Continue reading The Life and Works of Pablo Picasso

A Fresh Look at the Spanish Artist Joan Miro

The 2012 Joan Miro show at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC offers a fresh look at this important Spanish artist of the twentieth century. Entitled “The Ladder of Escape,” it provides new insights into the political views of the famed artist and sculptor.

When you think of Miro you probably think of bright colors and whimsical objects. There are some examples of that in this exhibit but there are also darker works that will probably be new to most audiences. After all, Miro lived through very turbulent times including both World War I and World War II, the Spanish Civil War and the long regime of the dictator Francisco Franco. Also important to his identity was his birth in Catalonia, a region in northern Spain that has its own distinct culture and long struggle for autonomy.

The show begins with Miro’s depictions of the family farm and surroundings in Catalonia. Continue reading A Fresh Look at the Spanish Artist Joan Miro